Orfeo ed Euridice

“The action unfolds in front of simple, severe, handsome sets by Allen Moyer: steeply raked amphitheatre seating for the chorus of the dead; an enormous fire-escape -style metal staircase for Orpheus’ decent into the underworld;….”

Alex Ross The New Yorker

“Moyer’s operating-theater set is actually a fluid construct placed on a turntable, which morphs handily into Hades, Elysium and the Temple of Love. It is well served by James F. Ingalls’ lighting scheme, moving appropriately from Stygian darkness to sharp, sun-washed brilliance.”

Eric Myers Variety

“Carried out amid the sets by Allen Moyer for Orfeo ed Euridice, described by the Met general manager Peter Gelb as very beautiful contemporary design — a work of art in itself,…” read more

Compiled by Lawrence Van Gelder The New York Times

Grey Gardens

“The scaling up of Allen Moyer’s set, which portrays the Beale homestead in its days of both glory and decrepitude, dilutes the claustrophobic prurience of the Off Broadway production. (Peter Kaczorowski’s lighting and Wendall K. Harrington’s projection design also assume greater impact in conjuring interior landscapes.) Let loose on the wide-open spaces of a Broadway stage, Little Edie and her mother have a chance to grow to near heroic proportions. Paradoxically, they also feel more accessibly human.”read more

Ben Brantley The New York Times

“The staging is now, as it was at Playwrights Horizon, stunning. That goes for sets, costumes, lighting and orchestrations. ” read more

Elyse Sommer Curtain Up

“There’s also a much enjoyment in the clever and accurate sets by Allen Moyer…” r

Polly Wittenberg The New York Theatre Guide

“Allen Moyer’s scenic design is absolutely gorgeous. The outside of GG is wood shingles that look weathered and frayed. But through the screen door and windows (if you’re sitting close enough) you can see inside the house. Much of the set is on electronic runways and the center has a turntable. Thus the scenery glides in and out, fly in and out, or turns around completely. This gives the scene changes a kaleidoscope effect.” r

John Garcia Pegasus News

Twelve Angry Men

“On Allen Moyer’s letter-perfect jury-room set, which makes cunning lateral shifts to reveal the goings-on in the washroom, Scott Ellis, a director I have sometimes found uneven, delivers a stunning piece of staging.” read more

John Simon New York Magazine

“….there’s the dead on authenticity of Allen Moyer’s pre-air conditioning jury room which includes a much used water fountain and a sliding platform for occasional bathroom interchanges.” read more

Elyse Sommer, Curtain Up Review

“Paul Palazzo’s lights; and Allen Moyer’s cramped, institutional set all help beautifully establish the stifling heat of the jury room on a late summer day, making the tension between the men resonate even more strongly.” read more

Matthew Murray Talkin’ Broadway

The Constant Wife

“..she [Kate Burton] darts around a room that could have been decorated by Colefax & Fowler…” read more

David Finkle Theater

“Director Mark Brokaw’s beautifully cast production, performed on a gorgeous set designed by Allen Moyer, perfectly captures the play’s droll wit”

Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter

“Allen Moyer’s stylish set conjures up the sophistication of London in the ’20’s, as do Michael Krass’ costumes.”

Howard Kissel, New York Daily News

“Allen Moyer’s decor beguiles the eye with lacquered furniture and exotic wallpaper.”

Michael Sommers, The Star-Ledger

“For all the excellent performances, perhaps the real stars of this revival are the designers. Allen Moyer’s scrumptious set with it’s sprightly floral wall paper and green lacquered furniture is as clever as it is stunning –” read more

Elyse Sommer, Curtain Up Review

“..the character’s cultivated taste…as exhibited in a modish mix of stately chintz and busy Asian chic in designer Allen Moyer’s Harley Street living room.”

David Rooney, Variety

“…Allen Moyer’s ornately elegant set, awash in Chinoiserie….” read more

Charles Isherwood, The New York Times